We’ve wanted to move close to the water for nearly ten years now, especially since our son was born back in 2007. I grew up on Caragh Lake and my wife on the Isle of Man so I guess water is in our bones.

For a number of years we toyed with the idea of moving to the Kent or Sussex coast and joining the commuter community… but it never quite felt right. Instead we got our regular fix of open water at Queen Mother Reservoir.

Datchet Sailing

It’s an amazing place and the teams at Datchet Watersports and Datchet Sailing Club are fab… but it’s not quite the same.

When earlier this summer we spent some time at my parents’ place on Caragh Lake the penny just dropped – this place is heaven. We had no idea how we might make it work but it was time to move.

Fishing on Caragh Lake

Back in London, we started to do some research – cost of living, whether I could commute and what schools would be like. There were a LOT of unknowns… but moving ‘back to the water’ just felt right.

As luck would have it, friends of my parents were selling their holiday home ‘next door’ – a six bedroom house right on the lake with stunning views. It needed a lot of work, but with some love and effort, we felt it could be turned into a fantastic vacation rental for families and friends looking for something special.

So five months later our home in London is sold…


…and our new adventure has just begun…


…right here…

Caragh Lake Sunset

We’ll be sharing plans, progress and what life on and around the lake is like, so why not pop back soon. It should be fun. 🙂


  1. Suzanne

    Dear Jens and Michelle and Oliver

    Amazing to see your website, that photo of the lake with the clouds reflected is just beautiful and took my breath away, made me well up! So happy for you all!

    Suzanne xx

    • Jens

      Thanks Suzanne. 🙂

      Keep in touch.

      Lots of love to everyone.

      Michelle says hello.

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