Sometimes it just has to be pizza (!) and of late we’ve been spoilt for choice in and around Killorglin. Here are four we frequent regularly, each for a different reason, all less than thirty minutes by car from the house.

1. Emilie’s

Emilie’s opened June of this year and is a fantastic edition to the region. Situated in Glenbeigh, just ten minutes by car, it’s a firm favourite of ours. In addition to their delicious wood fired pizzas they serve a small selection of starters and main courses which I haven’t yet tried – their Verdure and Margherita (above) pizzas are just too good. You can also just pop in for coffee and cake, breakfast and lunch, or pick up a loaf of their super-moreish bread.

It’s a great place to go, either on your way back from Rossbeigh or Kells, or as a go-to destination if you fancy something casual and scrumptious.

2. Pete’s / Apache

Pete’s Family Restaurant in Killorglin have an Apache Pizza franchise which is essentially an Irish version of Domino’s. You can pick from a wide range of bases and toppings, ring before to place your order and service is super friendly.

While it’s not artisan wood-fired pizza, it’s a great option if you want a quick take-away for the kids back at the house.

3. Picollo’s

Piccolo’s is a small traditional pizzeria in Killarney. Delicious thin base, good range of toppings and friendly service. They don’t have a wine or beer licence but you can pick up a bottle at any of the nearby off-licences and bring it in.

Ideal if you’re in Killarney for the day and fancy a quick bite. Nothing fancy… just a simple Italian style experience.

4. The Oratory

When The Oratory first opened it was one of our firm favourites. Half an hour by car, set in an old converted church, serving a range of interesting pizzas on super thin bases, it’s a lovely spot. I personally prefer the pizza at Emilie’s these days (so spoilt for choice) so we tend to go there.

We would still recommend The Oratory though, especially if you’re on the way back from Valentia or Ballinskelligs.

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