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If you don’t feel like cooking of an evening, here are three fabulous lakeside fine dining options for you to choose from. Enjoy!

1. Ard Na Sidhe

The Ard Na Sidhe is a relaxed ten minute stroll from the house, past Caragh Lake Forest along a quiet tree-lined road. It’s one of our favourite fine dining restaurants in the area. Delicious food, fabulous setting and excellent service. 

We also sometimes just pop in for a coffee or early evening drink and sit in the gardens looking out over the lake. So why not drop by once you’ve settled in, have a walk around the gardens and take a peak at the menu? There’s an honesty bar, big open fire and piano. What more could you ask for! With a limited number of tables, do make sure to book.

The Ard Na Sidhe closes for winter so check their website if you’re staying in low season.

2. Carrig

Carrig Country House (pictured above) is a short two minute drive from Caragh Lake House on the northerly side of the lake. With beautiful views out over the water, a big open fire, and piano or harp of an evening, it’s a fabulous experience all-round. You can stroll outside with a drink in hand and watch the sun go down, or after your meal, relax in the drawing room sipping a whiskey in-front of the open fire.

The odd occasion we pop in on our paddle boards, walk up through the garden to make a reservation for later that the evening before heading back home to get ready. Pure luxury!

Similar to the Ard Na Sidhe, Carrig closes in the winter so do check their website or Google listing if you’re staying from October to March.

3. In-House Chef

A very popular option for many of our guests is to arrange for the team from Just Cooking to come down and prepare a delicious meal, all in the comfort of your own lakefront home.

Mark and Bernie can tailor a menu to suit any occasion whether you’re looking for a relaxed BBQ on the patio, sit down three course dining experience or a more casual buffet. Just give them a call to talk through what you’d like.

They do get booked up very quickly so it’s always worth getting in touch with them early on to pencil them in.

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