So the weather today can only be described as “wet and windy” and if you’re on holiday with kids that can sometimes throw a spanner in the works.

Not here. Not today. 🙂

Geocaching is a great thing to do whatever the weather so this morning we grabbed our coats, wellies, hats and phone, and off we went.

Kids and wet weather

We drove to the viewing area which is just up the forest behind Caragh Lake House, wrapped up and started our walk through the forest.

Along the way we collected leaves, spotted animal footprints and walked through muck!

Kids and wet weather

After about ten or fifteen minutes we got to the clearing and the wind and rain just hit us in our faces – exactly what you need to blow away any cobwebs.

A bit of scramble up the path, a quick search and TADA!

Not just a fantastic cache with great swaps (thanks MadraRua)…

Kids and wet weather

…awesome views too.

Caragh Lake View

You can find out about the different caches on and around Caragh Lake here including GC6AAPN which is right on the lakeshore.

We’ll be hiding some more over the coming months so do check back.



  1. Suzanne

    Sounds lovely wish we could do that ever so often. Hope you didn’t get too wet:-)

  2. Suzanne

    From Emma

  3. Suzanne

    That’s nice 🙂

  4. Suzanne


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