kerry dark sky reserve

On a clear night, the spectacle of stars over Caragh Lake is simply breathtaking!

Just on the edge of the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve, one of only three Gold Tier Dark-Sky Reserves in the world, it’s a fantastic spot for some serious star gazing.

Whether you want to learn more about astronomy or just fancy sitting outside with the kids, wrapped up under a warm blanket, here are a few tips and links that should help you make the night sky sparkle even more.


1. Gen up a little

For a quick and easy intro to astronomy we’d recommend Stargazing for Dummies and the Guide to the Night Sky, both available at the house.


2. Figure out the best time of year for shooting stars

You can spot shooting stars pretty much all year around but if you want to know the best time of year, just check out this resource from


3. Plan some kid-friendly activities

Can’t quite remember what Ursa Minor (Little Bear) looks like? Not sure how to explain a shooting star to your seven year old?

Here are a few online resources for parents worth taking a look at from Nasa, WikiHow and My Kids Adventures.


4. Download an app or two

There are some great star gazing apps out there for both kids and grown ups.

Here’s a list compiled by Business Insider a few years back for both iOS and Android, and a more recent list by greenbot just for Android and imore for iOS.


5. Learn how to take night-sky photos

You can also take night sky photos with your phone.

Just check out these posts from Lonely Speck and EyeEm for tips on how to do it.


6. Hire your personal star-gazing guide

Last but not least, if you want a more in-depth experience, just go along to a local astronomy talk or hire your very own star-gazing guide for a few hours… and really get to know the skies above you!


Photograph by Pádraig Sands courtesy of Kerry Dark Sky Reserve

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