Food shops in Killorglin

With a wide range of food shops in Killorglin to chose from, you should easily be able to find what you need to rustle up some delicious meals back at the house.

Here’s where we tend to shop.

Happy cooking and bon appetit.


1. Jack’s Bakery

Jack’s is a fabulous little artisan bakery.

They have a wide range of breads and cakes as well cheeses, olives and other deli items.

It’s also a great little spot to grab a sandwich or a slice of pie and sit in outside. You can also jump onto the free Wi-Fi from The Bianconi across the road in case you need to check in with friends and family back home.

Definitely worth checking out.



ALDI is great for all your general grocery needs.

They have pretty much everything, it’s good value and way better in terms of presentation and service than what we were used to from ALDI in London.

They also offer free underground parking and it’s within easy reach of most of the other shops, so it’s always a good place to start from.


3.  Super Valu

Super Valu is behind the Topaz petrol station on the Iveragh Road.

They offer a wider range of groceries than ALDI and stock most of the main brands.

If you’re looking for a specific spice, a particular wine or gluten free produce it’s definitely the best place in town.

As it’s on the main road in and out of Killorglin it’s a good place to stop off on the way into town or back home.


4. Quinlan’s Fish Shop

Quinlan’s is a great fish mongers and is conveniently located on The Square in Killorglin.

They have a good range of fish, catch dependent of course, and it’s always fresh and good value… certainly compared to what we were used to in London.

There are plenty of others place to buy fish a bit further afield but Quinlan’s is definitely a favourite.


5. Sheahan’s Butchers

Sheahan’s is a family run butchers just a bit down the road from ALDI.

They have a good range of fresh Irish beef, lamb, chicken and pork, as well as a small range of local vegetables.

Although we would always marinade our own meat, if you don’t fancy spending too much time in the kitchen, they also offer a range of pre-marinaded cuts which seem very popular.


We also occasionally pop in to Beata’s – a local health food shop  just next door to Sheahans; as well as Mary’s Organic Shop in Milltown – 10 minutes from Killorglin on the road to Tralee.

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