We’re delighted to announce that Vivienne Rickman-Poole – artist, educator and wild swimmer – will be joining us this winter as our very first artist-in-residence at Caragh Lake House.

I’ve been following Vivienne’s work for the past two years now and have been enthralled by her images of the llyns, lakes and rivers of Snowdonia as well as her stunning ice-swimming photos from her time Mustarinda in Finland.

artist in residence

Her photographic exploration of the more than 400 permanent bodies of water in Snowdonia has been listed by The Guardian as one of the “10 most inspiring adventures of 2016“; she was featured in the 2017 Portrait of Britain – the nation’s biggest photography exhibition showcasing the many faces of modern Britain; and her film “Afterglow” recently won gold in the Women in Adventure category at SHAFF.

Vivienne is also an Outdoor Swimming Society Ambassador and inspired me to go for my 100 daily dips.

artist in residence

In addition to exploring the lake and the surrounding area, Vivienne will be holding a free local talk on her work – venue and time to be announced on our Facebook page soon.

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  1. Margaret Mc

    I just explored her work — even though it’s January, I sure do want to take a jump Ito your lake!

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